My name is Samad Aidane. I am the founder of Guerrilla Project Management. My mission is to bring together thought-leaders from Project Management, Organizational Change Management, Psychology, Social Science, and Neuroscience to share their insights and inform how we can  effectively manage today’s complex projects.

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A little bit about me:

Samad Aidane a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over eighteen years of international experience consulting in the telecom, finance, and healthcare industries with companies such as HP, Cap Gemini, Time Warner Telecom, and Telefonica. He particularly enjoys applying his international leadership expertise to organizational change management, program management, and to the recovery of troubled programs and projects.

Samad is passionately committed to coaching leaders, especially those who must achieve results without authority through highly matrixed, cross-functional teams. His clients benefit from his experience in leading change in highly complex and politically charged environments from Public Safety 911 to Enterprise Resource Planning technology change initiatives. To do that, Samad applies the latest findings in neuroscience to help leaders and teams increase their confidence, emotional resilience, mental agility, and stamina.

Samad holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University (U.K) and connects the latest findings in brain science research to leadership development to inform the ways organizational change leaders can improve their capacity to make effective decisions, solve complex problems, and facilitate lasting change.

In 2009, Samad founded Guerrilla Project Management blog and podcast where he engages influential thought leaders and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to explore topics that help project managers increase their performance, agility, and resilience.

Speaking Engagements:

I am available for keynote talks, workshops, and professional development programs on the neuroscience of leadership and change. My presentations topics are:

  • The Neuroscience of Leadership: Leading projects with the Brain in Mind
    • Understand the neuroscience of leadership, its latest research findings and its implications for project  leaders.
    • Understand how status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and fairness drive human behavior in projects.
    • Learn how to apply these insights in our projects to make effective decisions, solve complex problems, stay cool under pressure, and facilitate lasting change.
  • The Neuroscience of Change: Understanding and overcoming resistance to change
    • Gain insights on latest neuroscience findings and their implications for leading projects and complex change initiatives
    • Understand how to apply the latest neuroscience insights to create brain-friendly change initiatives
    • Learn practical strategies for creating change initiatives that stick

My most recent Speaking Engagements

  • 2011 Managing projects with the brain in mind: The Neuroscience of Leadership. PMI Mount Baker Chapter – Bellingham, Washington
  • 2011 Managing Projects with the Brain in Mind: The Neuroscience of Leadership. Project Management Institute Global Congress – Dallas, Texas
  • 2012 The Neuroscience of Leadership: Leading the Emotional Brain. PMI Mount Baker Chapter – Bellingham, Washington
  • 2012 The Neuroscience of Change. Oracle OpenWorld – San Francisco, California
  • 2012 The Emotional Life of Projects: The Neuroscience of Emotions. Project Management Institute Global Congress – Vancouver, Canada
  • 2013 The Neuroscience of Leading Change. International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2013 Cultural Neuroscience: Cultural Intelligence for Global Project Managers. PMI Global Congress – New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2014 Cultural Neuroscience: Cultural Intelligence for Global IT Leaders. International IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition – Las Vegas, Nevada

The following are examples of attendees of my previous presentations and training:

  • Team Leaders
  • Project Coordinators
  • Project Managers
  • Project Directors
  • Strategic Managers
  • Education and Training Professionals
  • Directors and Managers
  • Software Programming Managers
  • R&D Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Business Process Engineers
  • Systems Analysts
  • Technical Analysts
  • Process Managers
  • Product Design & Development Professionals
  • CIOs and IS/IT Managers
  • Quality Assurance Managers

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No information in this blog (either in posts or comments) represents those of any client or employer past or present with whom I have worked.